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Town Council

The following Newington Democrats sit on our Town Council

Nick Arace for Town Council

Councilman Nick Arace - Nick is a lifelong resident of Newington and a graduate of Newington High School in 2010. He earned a BA and Masters degree in Public Policy from UCONN. He joined The Hartford Insurance Company as a Commercial Underwriter. Nick has enjoyed volunteering his time as a coach and a tutor.

Nick was inspired to become involved and run for office after witnessing the tumultuous budget process this past year. Nick believes that misinformation and partisanship have all too often become norms in Newington's political sphere. Nick believes we need to grow our grand list through innovative business development that will fit the needs our community.

Nick believes that Newington needs fresh perspectives and he intends to put Newington First as a councilman.

Carol-Ann Anest

Councilwoman Carol Anest - Carol and her husband John Klett are both graduates of Newington High School. Carol has two step daughters, Samantha & Rebecca and her son Nick currently attends LSU as a graduate student after graduating from Newington High School in 2012.

Carol has always put Newington First, and has served on several boards and commissions over the years:

From 1989 to 1991, Carol was a member of the Board of Education. Since then she has served on the Town Planning and Zoning Commission (Vice Chair), Zoning Board of Appeals, Open Space Committee, Fair Rent Commission, and the Bicentennial of the Constitution Committee.

Within her role as Town Council member, she is the liaison to Town Plan and Zoning, Commission on Aging and Disabled, Youth Adult Council, and the Economic Development Commission. She currently serves as the Minority Leader for the Town Council.

Carol has also served on Council Rules and Procedures Committee, Town Manager Evaluation Committee, and the Town Manager Hiring Committee.

Carol served as Newington Democrat Town Committee Chair (2007-2015), and was the Past Chairperson for Project Graduation in 2012 and 2013.

When Carol also has a successful 34 year career as a Senior Paralegal for Gordon, Muir & Foley, LLP specializing in the Real Estate, Elder and Estate law. Carol's husband John was just recently appointed Chief of the Berlin Police Department.

Carol is committed to keeping taxes competitive with surrounding towns, while maintaining our current level of services for all residents. She will work hard to grow our grand list by encouraging smart redevelopment to help relieve residents of increasing property taxes while also providing adequate funding to allow our schools to grow through the 21st century.

Jim Marocchini

Councilman Jim Marocchini - Town Council member 2013 to present. Jim and his wife Jill are both graduates of Newington High School, and recently celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary. Their daughter, Isabella, is a student at Martin Kellogg Middle School.

Jim has served on several boards and commissions over the last ten years, including the Board of Parks and Recreation, Town Hall/Community Center Renovation Committee and from 2010-2013 he served as the Chairman of the Economic Development Commission.

When Jim isn't busy volunteering his time here in Newington, he is a Project Manager for Pioneer Builders of Newington. Jim brings a wealth of experience in working with businesses throughout his time serving the town of Newington.

Jim's is on expanding our grand list by building relationships with potential new businesses to ensure we are communicating to them the benefits of operating a business here in town. He believes that all of our land use boards and commissions should come together with the Council to work cohesively toward this goal.

Jim also hopes to continue focusing on our outdated infrastructure in town. He understands that the Town Hall isn't the only item on our list of needs when it comes to updating. He would like to utilize the Capital Improvement Plan for it's true intention so that we can accomplish our infrastructure goals without them having a major impact on the taxes for residents.

Jim has proven that he puts Newington First by showing an ability to work with everybody at the table, and is always working to find solutions. Jim explained it best when he said, "After all once at that council table there should be no "D" or "R", there should only be "N" for NEWINGTON."

Chris Miner for Town council

Councilman Chris Miner - Chris is married to Liz and together with their son Jon they have lived in Newington since 2006.

Though Chris is new to our Town Council, he's not new to serving Newington. Chris has been a member of the Newington Volunteer Fire Department for the last 10 years. While that type of service to Newington is quite impressive, it's not all Chris has done to put Newington First. Chris is also a member of the Town Plan & Zoning Commission and has been a member of the Town Hall Renovation Building Committee since May of 2016. Chris also dedicated his time to the NVFD 9/11 Memorial Committee as the Construction Manager. In 2016, he was awarded the NVFD Chiefs Community Service Award for outstanding service to the community.

Chris works as a self-employed facilities maintenance contractor with Central Property Services and has over 20 years experience in providing maintenance and consulting for owners of commercial, retail, and industrial properties.

He believes through his experience on several committees and his career track record that he can help foster a bipartisan environment for the greater good of the community and to restore a sense of pride and unity within the community.

Chris also hopes to restore the confidence of developers, and help them understand that Newington is a desirable place to do business and is a town that is open to dialogue. Smart redevelopment of existing parcels is the key over developing our shrinking inventory of vacant land.

diana Casasanta Serra

Councilwoman Diana Casasanta Serra - Member, Democratic Town Committee 2012 to present

Diana and her husband Bob have lived in Newington for 22 years. Diana's step-son is a NHS graduate, and she has two grandchildren.

After Diana was elected to the Town Council she served as liaison to Newington EMS, Parks & Recreation, Board of Education, and NCTV. She is also a member of the Standing Insurance Committee and Employee Benefits as well as Pension and Insurance Committee.

Diana has been employed for the last 29 years as an accountant and for last 3 years she has been an accounting manager for Residential Management Services, Inc., a nonprofit organization that manages homes and programs for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Diana is focused on increasing our tax base by aggressively pursuing new businesses to relocate to Newington. She understands that geographically, Newington is an ideal location and has a lot to offer businesses with a choice of locations from the Berlin Turnpike, to Our Town Center, to our various Industrial areas and everything in between.